April Events

Identification of Villages/Slums for Adoption by the NSS Units.
Adoption of Villages/Gram Panchayats identified under Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) by the nearby NSS Units as already communicated.
Identification of Untrained POs
Re-organisation of NSS units of the Colleges
Allocation of New Units.
Preparation of University Action Plan for the current year
Implementation of Plan of Action on the presentations made by Group of Secretaries to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
Submission of 4th Quarterly /Half yearly /Annual Repots
Submission of Accounts and Utilization Certificate in GFR-19 along with accounts in the prescribed format.
Recovery of Unspent funds from NSS Units of the Colleges Issue of Volunteership Certificates to the volunteers.
Submission of Monthly Progress Report on important NSS activities in the prescribed proforma to RD &State NSS Cell