GITAM National Service Scheme

Aim & Objectives


To impart leadership and sense of responsibility towards the nation


We encourage the students to be a part of each and every event organized by NSS to imbibe the qualities of responsibility towards the society. We can proudly state that every event that has been conducted is a huge success due to the dedication and the commitment that the student volunteers showcased.

The GITAM NSS team measures its success with number of people that have been benefited through the programs that were undertaken. We do not confine to certain boundaries when it comes to service, by the quality of programs that we organize we attract potential youth who are free spirited when it comes to service. It is an extended platform for the student volunteers to exhibit their idea of serving.

How NSS benefits student volunteers

  • It helps student volunteers to learn amazing skills like leadership and team work.
  • The volunteers get a chance to introspect their strengths and weakness.
  • Develops a sense of responsibility towards the nation and imparts values as a future citizen.
  • One can enhance management skills.
  • Perfect platform to showcase their talent.
  • Opportunity to serve the nation.